Battery-Electric Trucks with KEMREX

Turn-Key Solution for e-Truck with KEMREX-Range Extender

We convert conventional Diesel Trucks (new or used) into 100% battery-electric driven vehicles with a KEMREX Range Extender for use in typical commercial logistic application with daily tour distance requirements of 250 – 300 Km.

We complete the conversion in our own production factory. Our focus is on the conversion of conventional mid- and heavy duty diesel trucks: We currently prioritize the following three options:

  • 12 ton box truck for City logistic
  • 40 ton tractor for factory logistic
  • 26 ton Swap body truck

The complete E-Truck is a battery-electric truck with optimal sized battery and KEMREX Range Extender suitable for use in applications requiring up to 300 Km daily range and 8 – 10 hour working shifts without interruptions for external battery charging.

Fleet life extension with e-Truck conversions

Fleet managers can extend the operating life and improve the flexibility of their fleets by converting a portion of the existing Diesel powered vehicles to e-Trucks with KEMREX range extenders.

KEMREX as an additional option or retrofit solution

Improved e-Truck utilization with Range Extender

Fleet owners and customers with existing e-trucks typically struggle with range problems that limit the utilization rate of the vehicle. These e-Trucks can often be retrofited with the KEMREX range extender, thus improving the useability of the truck and protecting the original investment in the electric vehicle.

KEMREX option-kit for OEMs

The KEMREX range extender unit can also be offered to other vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) for integration in their electric vehicle programs as an optional equipment package.